Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sweet Dreams, Baby!

It's a rainy afternoon here in Southern California.  We almost never get any rain between March and October, so this is an unusual event for us in April.  I've had my cup of hot chocolate and popcorn, filled the often-empty firebox in my fireplace with warm flames, and am thinking about how days like this make us all crave warmth, coziness.... our comfy beds!

A bed is by far the most important element in every bedroom... not just for the obvious utilitarian need of having a place to rest all night, but it's also the most important design element in a bedroom.  It is usually the largest element in the bedroom, which automatically makes it the focal point of the room.

The design statement your bed makes is enormous.  The frame itself and the way the bed is dressed and finished tell the whole story about how you unwind, what comforts you, what style is restful and peaceful for you.  Have a look at these fabulous beds by Anthropologie:

These frames provide so much impact with their intricate styling.  Just the bed frames give me a spark to start designing a fabulous scheme, each unique to the influences found in these skeleton starting points.  The bed in the top photo is an intricate lacework of larks tucked between flower blossoms - the jumping-off point for a colorful palette of florals and French toille fabrics.  The shell motif on the bed in the center photo evokes a subdued, natural color scheme of ocean blues and aquas, sandy-colored linens and decorative beach glass accents.  In the bottom photo, this white "Calligraphy" bed is pure romance, soft, textural fabrics in muted pastels.  When you look at your bedframe, or start shopping for your next one, choose purposefully so that your bed creates a visionary inspiration for your sanctuary.

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