Monday, October 4, 2010

So I've been kinda busy....

and I went missing from the blog world for several weeks, didn't I?  Well I'm back, and like most people who have put the kids back into school and are feeling the weather cool off a bit, I'm ready to put my nose back to the grindstone and pick up where I left off before summer.

I just returned from an absolutely fabulous trip to Italy. My husband and I renewed our vows once more (we do this every year on our anniversary, and this was our 10th) in Positano, Italy.  What a wonderful gem this tiny vertical town is!  I have wanted to go ever since seeing Diane Lane hook up with a hottie in "Under the Tuscan Sun".  This town was so much more fun and charming than the movie could ever portray!  It is an ancient town, full of good food, millions of hills and steps up and down the mountains, and delicious local limoncello at every stop.

Positano was big on charm, but not so big on design inspiration. We were fortunate enough to cross the sea to the isle of Capri for a day though, and at the suggestion of our guide-for-the-day Marcello, we wandered through the Capri Palace Hotel, which was breathtaking.  It was a perfect blend of ancient and modern visual treats for a designer like me.... feeling very posh and Italian on one hand, and very hip and too-cool on the other hand.

After the Amalfi Coast we took the train back to Rome and spent our last couple of days exploring the city; some parts we've seen before and some were new little gems for us.  We spent our last day with a private tour guide, Annie Ojile, who took us around Roma on scooters.  Annie is a Minnesota transplant who loves all things Italian and knew she had to establish her life there to feed her soul, and she did.  For those of you needing help with travel arrangements or private tours in the Rome or Tuscany areas, I can't recommend Annie enough ( and

Once Annie and I got to know each other and she discovered I am in the decor and design industry, she recommended a walk along a fabulous little street for me, Via dei Coronari.  It was full of design shops that represented every era of Italian design from Renaissance to Modern, and as a bonus there were amazing architectural goodies to see too.

It's always a great way to end a trip for me - to get a jolt of excitement from a visual "design WOW" and get me pumped up for getting home and getting back to working on a project with renewed energy and ideas.  Grazie to my amazing husband for one of my favorite vacations ever (he did all of the planning) and to "scooter maven Annie" for the fun day and the suggestion to walk this wonderful place to finish the day and the vacation.

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