Monday, April 18, 2011

Waxing Poetic

I adore candlesticks and candle holders for accessorizing!  I especially love having candlelight in my home after the sun goes down so I'm always captivated by interesting candle holders.

Aside from the obvious functional reason for having them, the great things candlesticks offer are an endless variety of colors, shapes, textures and heights.  This makes them a perfect go-to accessory where you need to add something tall to an accent or cocktail table display, something colorful or textural to a bookshelf or niche, and of course the obvious placement in the center of a dining table to create atmosphere and romantic lighting.  Mercury glass hurricanes or votives, or those with cut-out designs, cast beautiful lacey patterns that add a lot to the mood of a room after dark.

The only real caution I have for you (other than using careful judgment with keeping lit flames away from pets, fabrics, draperies, children, etc.) when accessorizing with them is to not "overdo" it, because it easy to go crazy and put them everywhere because of their versatility.  As with all accessorizing, editing your choices can be the most important step.

Here are a few candle holders, votives and candlesticks I love...

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