Monday, February 15, 2010

Did Someone Say Countertops Are Boring? Not here!

Updating or renovating kitchen and bath areas are (as you probably all know) the most expensive rooms in the home to outfit.  The number of surfaces and fixtures that have to be selected can be overwhelming, especially as the industry keeps showing us newer, better, stronger, and more streamlined products.  Countertop materials used to be very limited (tile, laminate - remember when Corian (TM) was the new and most amazing product we'd ever seen for our counters?).  Check out the latest product from Caesarstone (TM) that combines texture, pattern AND the quality solid surface, low maintenance, durable materials that they are known for.

The new Motivo (TM) line shows us a feminine lace pattern or masculine crocodile print in quartz surfaces - instant design and texture.  I can't wait to see these in use and how the use of light and shadow can play off these amazing finishes.

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