Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Decorative Pillows: custom or ready-made?

I am very often asked this question by family and friends when we are down to those details of our decor that include pillows. My clients mostly prefer custom made designs for the exclusivity, the endless options of incredible trims and fabrics, and to ensure an overall "one of a kind" look. Family and friends often have less budget to work with and therefore try to get these accent pieces ready-made so they are more affordable but will often ask me "if that's okay". Of course the infinite possibilities and richness that comes with anything "custom made" make them the more desirable choice in my opinion, but let's not discount the great options market-ready these days either. It comes down to budget and the look you desire. Whichever you choose, pillows can add killer color, special sparkle, and cozy comfort to your sofa or bed.

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De Novo Concepts said...

Totally agree with you.
They are really pretty pillows.

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