Sunday, January 24, 2010


Although I do realize that most parts of the northern hemisphere are still experiencing a TRUE winter, with snow, sleet and cold (and in California last week we had our own share of "winter" with a week of rain and grey skies), but as soon as the sun comes out again I want to close up the fireplace doors and surround myself with COLOR AND FLOWERS! I want signs of LIFE, which is exactly what plants and flowers to for our interiors when we use them in our decor.

Adding life through plants and florals cannot be underestimated in the value they bring to a room, so when you visit your local market to pick up your Sunday roast beef dinner fixings, don't forget to to pick up a bright little plant or bouquet of spring tulips to brighten your space (and your mood!).

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Leave-Room-for-Dessert said...

lord, how I could use a little taste of flowers in Paris right now... it is freaking COLD here right now!