Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Paint your way to a great mood!

PAINT - as we all know, that $25 can of liquid will completely change a room...did you know the color of what's in that can will affect your mood and even your physiology? The color RED, for example will actually increase your rate of breathing and pulse. Blues take us to a place of daydreaming and calm (think about laying on your back, staring at the vast blue sky). Have a room in your home you don't like spending time in because it feels dull / depressing / uninspiring? Get to your local paint store and pick up your paint, brush and MOOD!

And let's not forget the possibilities of creating fabulous designs within the realm of paint too - check out this sensational design I saw in Paris and start imagining what YOU can do your artistic skills (and remember: stencils can provide a lot of "fake talent"!).

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