Tuesday, March 16, 2010

City of Light

You've probably all heard of this nickname for Paris... the City of Light.  Well for me, on my last trip there, it was the City of Lights! As in LIGHTING, fabulous, unusual, 21st century lighting.

I had seen this not-very-obvious but still incredible little light fixture in an apartment that my uncle had rented for a couple of weeks. It was subtle, very small in scale, and a wall sconce - so if you weren't paying attention to it (easy to do since it is a clear acrylic mounted against a grey wall in this case), and especially if the fixture wasn't turned on so you could see how the light projected a chandelier's shadow on to the wall - you'd have never been able to appreciate the design. It was pure glam, fun, and eclectic - take a look!

We poked around a few lighting magasins in Paris to see if we could find the same fixture, but realizing the difficulty of getting it properly re-wired for North American electricity made it not a worthwhile souvenir afterall.  Luckily I have just found that a store local for us in the LA/OC area of California is now carrying this fixture - the store is Room Service, which I've blogged about before.   Start dreaming... where could you fit in this bit of fun in your design???

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