Thursday, March 11, 2010

My thoughts turn to... springtime in Paris!

I love France!  As the weather finally turns more to our typical springtime temperatures here in California (after three weeks of unseasonably cool winds and temp's) I can't help but think of Paris.  All of the trees will be sprouting new buds, the spring bulbs will be poking their first signs of life through the ground.... and I think of the rolls of those exquisite silk fabrics I saw in that amazing store on the Left Bank last May! The magasin is Nobilis, and I get butterflies just thinking about what fun I could have there, if only it were near me!  Here is one example of their store front display from my last visit:

What I also love about French style is that it's so timeless.  Today we still covet many of the iconic funiture and decoration styles that were popularized almost 300 years ago! Take the curvaceous, feminine lines that were so distinct during the period of Louis XV.  Take a look at this loveseat I saw recently - it's rich chocolate mohair and white glossy lacquered frame say 2010, but the style is pure Louis XV, and it is spectacular! Viva la France!

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